How to say Chinese idioms on English???

Elly 发表于 2011-12-8 19:54:06
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一事无成All have ended in smoke;
一败涂地 bite the dust/down and out;
一针见血hit the right nail on the head;
一清二楚as clear as crystal (或day);
一意孤行go one's own way/take the bit in one's mouth(或teeth);
一落千丈go to pot/touch bottom
入乡随俗Do in Rome as the Romans do;
八面玲珑dance and sing all weathers;
七上八下be greatly upset;
七窍生烟 in a great fury/fuming with anger;
七零八落go to rack and ruin;
三番两次time after time/time and (time) again;
三缄其口 hold one's peace/lips

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