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英语读后续写好句必背动作描写 1. She shot her a meaningful look.--《秘密花园》(Secret Garden)她向他意味深长地看了一眼。 2. Beli’s diamond eyes locked on to her.--《奥斯卡·瓦奥短暂而奇妙的一生》贝 ...
1. She shot her a meaningful look.--《秘密花园》(Secret Garden)她向他意味深长地看了一眼。
2. Beli’s diamond eyes locked on to her.--《奥斯卡·瓦奥短暂而奇妙的一生》贝利钻石般的眼睛紧盯着她。
3. Mary felt her heart race.玛丽感到她的心跳加速。
4. A great silence surrounded them.--《 歌剧魅影The Phantom of the Opera 》周围一片寂静。
5. His name had completely slipped from my memory.---《Wuthering Heights》他的名字,我竟忘得一干二净。
6. He stormed out and slammed the door shut.他怒气冲冲地跑了出去,把门重重地关上。
7. We were merrily driving on the highway when suddenly one tyre burst.我们正在高速路上欢快地开着车突然一个轮胎爆胎了。
8. Jenny walked slowly to the front, with her legs trembling and her heart bumpingnearly out of her chest.Jenny慢慢走到讲台,腿发抖,心都快跳出来了。
9. She choked and her eyes brimmed with tears.她喉咙哽咽,眼里满是泪水。
10.The moment he finished his speech in a magnetic voice, a wave of applauseerupted from the audience.他用磁性的嗓音完成了演讲,观众席中暴发一阵掌声。
11. He stood leaning against the wall, unable to speak.他靠着墙站着,说不出话来。(表达伤心)
12. She hugged them to her chest, and at last she was able to look up with tearful eyes and a smile.她把它们紧紧地抱在胸前,终于抬起头来,泪流满面地微笑着。
13. He gave a jump in the air, twirled, ran a few steps, stopped, looked all around, sniffed the smells of afternoon, and then set off walking down through the orchard.他先是蹦跶了一下,原地转了几圈,再跑上几步,又停了下来,四下望了望,嗅了嗅午后暖洋洋的空气,然后一路跑进了果园。(开心的场景)
14. Even as I was digging into my pocket to get out my revolver, I made a running step back.当我在口袋里掏出左轮手枪的时候,我后退了一步。(描写恐惧)
15. Alice started to her feet, for it flashed across her mind that she had never before seen such a rabbit, and burning with curiosity, she ran across the field after it.爱丽丝跳了起来,因为她突然想到她从来没见过这样的兔子。她好奇地穿过田野,追赶那只兔子。
16. We got into his car and drove up the road, stopped a few houses down from the tree.我们上了车,开上道路,然后停在了离这棵树有些距离的地方。
17. Abel was quick. Good Lord, he was fast. The ringleader had made a dash for it, trying to climb over a hall. Abel grabbed him, pulled him down and dragged him back.Abel 跑的很快。这个元凶往前冲,试图反爬过大厅。但是Abel抓住他,把他拉下来并且拖了回去。
18. In between sobs I told her the story.在哭的时候,告诉她这个故事.
19. I ran back home, smiling and skipping along .我蹦蹦跳跳地笑着跑回家
20. Abel slammed his foot on the gas and shot up onto the grass and straight toward the bottom of the tree.Able 在汽油上用力踩了一下,然后飞快的踏上草坪直直地朝树底下走去。
21. Her pulses beat fast, and the blood warmed and relaxed every inch of her body.她的心跳加快,热血温暖了身体的每个部位,使她感觉到身心完全地放松了
22. She arose at length and opened the door to her sister’s request.她最终站起来,在她姐姐的请求下开了门
23. The waiter watched him go down the street, a very old man walking unsteadily but with dignity.那个侍者瞅着他顺着大街走去,这个年纪大的人走起路来虽然脚步不稳,却很神气。 心理描写
1. The last word went like a bullet to my heart.最后一句话像一颗子弹击中了我的心。
2. A ripple of sadness welled up inside him.他内心涌起一阵阵悲伤
3. He felt the warmth surging through his body.他感到身体里涌动着一股暖流。
4.The loneliness and grief comes in waves.孤独和悲伤不断涌上心头。
5.So ashamed was she that she could feel the blood rush to her face.她是如此羞愧以至于脸如充血般发烫。
6.Her eyes misted over as she immersed herself in their good memories.当她沉浸在他们之间的美好回忆时,双眼蒙上了一层水雾。
7.Her brain quickened and all her senses were alert.她的大脑快速运转,所有的感官都处于戒备状态。
8. At the sight of the ferocious wolf, I was seized by a strong sense of horror and my palms were sweating.一看到那只凶猛的狼,我就被深深地恐惧感所控制,手心出汗.
9. When the host announced that she won the prize, her heart was thumping with excitement.当主持人宣布她获奖时,她激动得心砰砰跳。
10. Her rage swept through her like a tidal wave, surrounding her like a foul stench.她的愤怒像潮水一样席卷了她,像恶臭的气味将她包围。
11. “Here!” Alice jumped up, forgetting how large she had grown, and knocked over a basketful of apples just picked from the tree.“在这儿!”爱丽丝激动地一跃,忘记了自己已经长得很大了,结果撞翻了一大篮刚摘的苹果。
12. She thought of the flowers glittering in the sunshine and the mountains turning rosy in the setting sun. And every night she cried into her pillow as though her heart would break into pieces.她想起了阳光里闪耀的花儿,落日下慢慢变成玫瑰色的山脉。每一个夜晚,她把头埋在枕头里哭,肝肠寸断。
13. “In no way will I go back to that hell-like place. Never will anything to do with her disturb me any more.” he roared in his heart like a lion.他在心里怒吼着:“我绝不回到那个鬼地方。我要忘却一切和她有关的人与事。”
14. “I’m up here,” said a cross little voice above them. “My head hurts.” Mowgli, still in a temper, came sliding down a tree trunk.“我在上面呢。”他们头上传来微弱的声音。“我头疼”毛克利说,他从树上滑了下来,还生着气。
15. Tears welled up in Mowgli’s eyes as the memory of running wildly in the flowering field with Baloo and Bagheera sparkled into his mind. Would he ever see them again?想到和巴洛和巴格希拉在开满鲜花的田野里疯跑的那些日子,毛克利的泪水夺眶而出。他还能见到他们吗? 外貌描写
1. Indeed, his sunburnt face and arms and his slim, strong body are just like those of millions of Chinese farmers, for whom he has struggled for the past five decades.
2. The tramp, a poor, homeless man with a moustache, wore large trousers, worn-out shoes and a small round black hat. 神态描写
1. 关于“笑”的表达:--The smile froze on her lips.  她脸上的笑容僵住了。--In spite of his disappointment, he managed a weak smile. 他还是勉强露出一丝淡淡的微笑。  --Alee became happy now and a gentle smile spread over her face. 整张脸洋溢着温和的微笑。  --His face split into a wide smile. 他的脸上绽放出灿烂的笑容。  
2. 有关“看”的表达:  He didn’t shout, and he just glared at me silently. 他只是默默怒视着我。  He gazed at the ...., unbelievable. 他难以置信地盯着..看。  He turned to her with a frightened air. 他害怕地看着他。  He was glaring down at me again, his black eyes full of disgust.他又盯着我看,黑眼睛里充满了厌恶。Her eyes were glued to the screen. 她目不转睛地盯着屏幕。He give a glimpse of...from the corner of his eye. 他用眼睛的余角瞥了一眼。
3. With tears streaming down her face, words failed her .    眼泪顺着她的脸流下来,她说不出话来。 环境描写Bright sunlightA bright light streamed through the window, flooding the opening and spreading in a wide circle on the ceiling.明媚的阳光一道明亮的光线流过窗户,淹没了窗口,并在天花板上呈现一个光圈。The rain like a deluge(n. 洪水;暴雨;泛滥)The moon was overcast. The sky writhed with clouds. All at once thunder and lightning began. In a flash of light the fields were illuminated(照亮;说明) as far as the horizon. The stalks of wheat(小麦杆) bowed and the rain struck(strike过去式:击打) like a deluge. Before Yasha(人名)could collect his thoughts the sheets of water began to flail (打)the wagon(铁路货车) like a hailstorm(冰雹). The tarpaulin(防水帆布) tore(tear过去式:撕碎/撕破) loose from the frame. The monkey choked off a terrified scream. In less than a minute the highway was mired(使......陷入泥泞).倾盆大雨月亮看不见了。天空里乌云滚滚。一眨眼,传来了霹雳和闪电。再闪电的照耀下,田野一下子明亮起来,直到地平线。小麦杆全弯下去;雨像洪水似的倒下来。雅夏还来不及集中思想,一阵阵大雨像冰雹似的抽打起来大车来。钉在车架上的油布被扯开了。猴子吓得连一声尖叫也硬在喉咙里。不到一分钟,公路变成泥潭。The peaceful fieldsIt was a pleasant land of white houses, peaceful plowed fields and sluggish yellow rivers, but a land of contrasts, of brightest sun glare and dense shade. The plantation clearings and miles of cotton fields smiled up to a warm sun, placid, complacent.宁静的田野银色的房屋,宁静的田野,加上那懒洋洋蜿蜒而去的黄泥河水,这里可以称得上是一片安乐的地方。那一片片已经清理的垦地,和绵延数理的棉花园,都好像是对着太阳微笑,显示出一片和平宁静的景象。The twinkling starsAlmost as clearly as the sun could, the moon’s still pale light picked out vast sweeping stretching of distance, the grass shimmering and rippling like a restless sight, silver and white and grey.几乎就像在阳光下那样,一切都看得一清二楚。静穆、清淡的月光照出了广阔无垠、一览无余的远方。微光扑朔的草地发出了一片低低的窸窣声,像是不肯停歇的低回浩叹。草原上闪动着一派银色、白色、灰色。Clouds gather, driven by the rising wind
As the night advanced, the clouds closing in and densely overspreading the whole sky, then very dark, it came on to blow harder and harder.当深夜来临时,云急剧地合拢起来,整个天空乌云密布,昏暗无比。
读后续写好词必背动词伸懒腰;逗某人;快回来;急匆匆地走出去;穿过浅水河;Stretched one’s tired back;  teased sb; hurry back; hurried outside; go /walk across the shallow river;
走进去;艾伦冻僵了;一动不动地躺着;挤出来;停下来;出发去做某事;靠边停车;stepped inside; Alan froze; lay still; squeeze out; paused; set off to do sth; pulled over;
抓住某物;跳下车;摇头;习惯了做;grabbed sth; hopped out of the car; shook one’s head; got accustomed to doing;
用纸巾包起来;放在我的电脑旁边;把它扔到垃圾桶里;wrapped them in a tissue; placed them beside my computer; dropped it into the rubbish bin;
大叫;翻白眼走开;大声笑出来;摆出灿烂的笑容;yelled; rolled one’s eyes and walked away; laughed out loud; put on a bright smile;
艾伦的胃绷紧了;喃喃自语;说话;换班;皱眉头;Alan’s stomach tightened;Muttered sth; Spoke up; Take a shift; Frowned;
发现沿河的动物足迹;低声说;Spot animal tracks along the river; Whispered;
她伸手在口袋里掏出一个白色的小信封。里面是詹妮弗派对的邀请函。She reached for a small white envelope in her pocket. In it was an invitation to Jennifer’s party.
被绑着;穿过树林;摔倒了;她的心越来越重。注视某人;Be Tied; Walk through the woods; Dropped; Her heart grew heavier. Keep an eye on sb;
检查;伸手;转过身;勉强地笑了笑;Checked; Reached over; Turned around; Managed a grin;
当她默默祈祷“谢谢你,上帝”时,喜悦的泪水涌上眼眶Tears of joy flooded her eyes as she prayed silently, “Thank you, God.”
某物吸引了我的注意;当艾丽在天空中搜寻时,一种兴奋的感觉涌上心头。Sth caught my eye; An excited feeling bubbled up inside Ally as she searched the sky.
副词轻柔地拉Pulled gently;;不断地constantly;犹豫地hesitantly;直视她的眼睛look directly into her eyes;紧密地匹配closely match;稍有不同地be slightly different from;不耐烦地掠过impatiently skimmed;立即回答answered instantly;开玩笑地责骂jokingly scolded;绝对安全absolutely safe;骄傲地咧嘴笑Grinned proudly;体贴地放置considerately placed;焦急地等待waited anxiously;;清楚地记得clearly remembered;呼吸沉重breathed heavily;;紧握squeeze tightly;热情地帮助warmly helped;几乎晕倒nearly fainted;
形容词浅浅的河流Shallow river;柔和的声音in a soft voice;陌生的诊所unfamiliar clinic;我珍藏的戒指my treasured rings;惊人的amazing;退休的经理a retired manager;凯利感到一阵温暖的光辉Kelly felt a warm glow. 彻底搜查了made a thorough search of;一条一动不动的蛇a motionless snake;频繁地拜访餐馆frequent restaurant visits;这对一个父亲来说是一个绝望、伤心和尴尬的处境。It was a desperate, heartbreaking and embarrassing situation for a father.
好句当威廉看到…时脸色苍白William’s face paled when he saw…
丽贝卡的脑子一片混乱,试图想出一种做某事的方法。Rebecca’s mind raced, trying to think of a way to do sth.
她突然想到一个主意。An idea popped into her head.
一道奇怪的光充满了他的眼睛。A strange light filled his eyes.
柜台后面是一位老太太,她帮我找到了我祖父的唱片。Behind the counter was an old woman, who helped me find my grandfather’s records.
我不知道这次旅行会是一次特别的旅行。Little did I know that this trip was going to be a special one.
我哭了,担心车子抛锚了,我们就困在这里了。I cried, fearing that the car had broken down and we’d stuck here.
好奇心驱使我问…。Curiosity drove me to ask….
我感到脸颊上的热气烧得通红。I felt the heat in my cheeks burning red.
如果不是我的粗心,这一切就不会发生了。(如果不是…,某人就不会做…Had it not been for my carelessness, all this would not have happened.(Had it not been for….., sb wouldn’t have done..)
一想到晚上独自一人,他就发抖。The idea of being alone in the night made him tremble.
要是我能找回那种好心情就好了,”她叹口气想。“If only I could get that good feeling back,” she thought, sighing.
熟悉的泥土的气味升起来迎接她。Familiar smells of the earth rose up to greet her.
我记得我的第一次钓鱼之旅,仿佛就在昨天…。I remember my first fishing tour, as if it were but yesterday….
那是初夏里静悄悄的,甜蜜的一天;路上午后的树荫很凉快;树叶比以前更绿了,花儿更鲜艳了,鸟儿比以前更快乐了。It was still, sweet day of early summer; the long afternoon shadows of the trees lay cool across our path; the leaves seemed greener, the flowers brighter, the birds merrier, than ever before.
我克服了巨大而痛苦的失望,坐了下来。Overcome with my great and bitter disappointment, I sat down.
几分钟焦急的搜寻结果是徒劳的。Several minutes of anxious searching turned out to be in vain.
他们笑着跑回树林。Laughing, they raced back to the woods.
他颤抖着嘴唇,眼泪顺着脸颊流下来,回答说,“…”With his lip shaking and a tear running down his cheek, he replied, “….”
他停了一会儿,仿佛在回忆中徘徊。He paused for a while, as if wandering in his memory.
通过这次旅行,我发现,尽管我偶尔会对她生气,但我确实为她感到骄傲。Through this trip, I discovered that, despite my occasional anger towards her, I actually felt proud of her.
听到这个坏消息,她感到一阵悲伤,忍不住痛哭起来。On hearing the bad news she felt seized by a burst of sadness and couldn’t help crying bitterly.
我怀着极大的悲伤和遗憾,坐在椅子上,为我不可饶恕的罪恶向上帝祈祷。With great sorrow and regret, I just sat there rooted in my chair, praying to God for my unforgivable guilt.
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